Griffon 2000TD

Great utility craft

  • Specification
  • Length (m) hovering12.7
  • Beam (m) hovering6.1
  • Passengers (excl crew)8-16
  • Minimum crew1
  • Maximum payload (tonnes)2.2
  • Normal endurance (hours)7
  • Maximum Speed at full payload (knots)34
  • Engine type (Diesel)1 x Deutz
  • Hull MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium
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2000TD Peruvian Navy


The 2000TD is the longest running vessel in the Griffon Hoverwork range. Continuous development over more than 20 years has resulted in the most proven, versatile, single-engined fully amphibious hovercraft, offering a payload of up to 2000kg or up to 18 passengers.

  • A turbo-charged diesel engine, variable pitch propeller and advanced skirt design, delivers a fast, safe performance over a wide variety of terrains and conditions.
  • The marine grade aluminium hull guarantees strength, reliability and longevity.
  • The cabin design is fully configurable for seating and cargo, allowing the craft to fulfil a wide variety of roles.
  • Detachable side decks enable the craft to be reduced in width for transportation by road, in a standard 40ft shipping container, on a flat bed truck or in a C130 transport aircraft.

Commercial applications for the 2000TD have included airport crash rescue, search and rescue, oil crew boats, passenger ferries (tourist and commuter), medical clinics, dredging support, civil engineering support and exploration.

In the military/paramilitary market this size of hovercraft has been utilised in many roles, from amphibious assaults and fast attack to coast guard duties and MEDIVAC. The 2000TD has seen service with the British Royal Marines, the Swedish Coast Guard, Finnish Frontier Guard, Belgian Army, the Estonian Border Guard and Lithuanian Border Police. The Peruvian and Colombian Navies both use the craft in demanding operational roles, while the Société des Traversiers du Québec (STQ) provide a year round community transport service to a remote population in Canada. Crowley Marine and Dr John K. Hall (Geological Survey of Israel) and Prof. Yngve Kristoffersen both use the craft in extremely demanding Arctic transport roles.

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