Griffon 8100TD

Logistical work horse

  • Specification
  • Length (m) hovering22.5
  • Beam (m) hovering11
  • Passengers (excl crew)56-75
  • Minimum crew2
  • Maximum payload (tonnes)12
  • Normal endurance (hours)10
  • Maximum Speed at full payload (knots)40
  • Engine type (Diesel)2 X IVECO
  • Hull MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium
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8100TD Swedish Amphibious Battalion


Capable of travelling at high speeds over a variety of surfaces, the 8100TD is favoured by military, paramilitary and naval forces as a logistic or amphibious operational support craft, and can also be configured for passenger ferry services.

  • At 22.5m by 11m the Griffon 8100TD is a fully amphibious hovercraft capable of carrying up to a maximum of 70 passengers plus two crew.
  • This craft can accommodate a light armoured vehicle or a 20 foot ISO container as part of its 12 tonne payload.
  • Its unique design permits many possible superstructure options with the same standard hull and machinery installation.
  • The craft is powered by two water-cooled 630kW (840hp) Iveco diesel engines and has a hull constructed of marine grade aluminium.
  • The craft has demountable side decks, of aluminium alloy construction, which enables it to be reduced in width for transportation by sea if required. Normally the craft is transported fully assembled. The side decks provide a working deck surface along both sides of the hull.
  • The skirt loop is made from neoprene on nylon fabric and the segments are made from natural rubber coated nylon fabric. All the skirt components are accessible and changeable from outside, on land, without having to jack the craft.

The 8100TD was initially designed for the Swedish Amphibious Brigade, who rely on the craft to deliver a unique year round capability, including accessing ice bound regions beyond the reach of their conventional amphibious assets.

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