The all new Griffon Hoverwork 995ED, redefining what is possible in a hovercraft.

  • Specification
  • Length (m) hovering8.6
  • Beam (m) hovering5.2
  • Passengers8
  • Minimum crew1
  • Maximum payload (kgs)995kg
  • Normal endurance (hours)4
  • Maximum speed at full payload (knots)30
  • Engine type (Diesel)85kW Ford Duratorq Tiger
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995ED hovercraft flying over the shoreline


This electric diesel craft is the most technologically advanced craft in Griffon Hoverwork's range. It provides precise manoeuvrability with 995kgs of available payload or capacity of up to 8 people. This newly released model has been environmentally tested across the world from the shores of the UK, to the mangrove swamps of Malaysia and frozen seas of the Baltic. The new technologies have been implemented into the hovercraft's design to provide the functionality of a larger amphibious vehicle in a smaller, more manoeuvrable and easily maintainable package.

Unique to the 995ED are its 2 standard hybrid power modules containing a proven and world-wide supported 85kW Ford Tiger diesel engine driving an integral lift fan and electric generator. The 995ED can be operated at 30 knots over shallows, beaches, weeds and debris with 0.5m of hover height separating the hull from the surface. Rather than using rudders for directional movement like other craft the 995ED uses twin azimuthing electric drive thrust modules that can be rotated horizontally. The axial thrust electric motors provide 45kW of independent speed control each and are fully reversible. This gives the operator greater manoeuvrability and tighter turning circles to respond to changing conditions quickly without compromise instead of requiring forward movement to turn and reduces the noise levels in the cabin and wider environment. Unlike other small craft the thrust is controlled separately from the hovercraft's lift so that precise movements can be made at the exact necessary speed crucial for precise movement and operation.

The 995ED is supplied with a GRP wheelhouse over the operators' position giving all-weather protection to the front seat and controls. We offer bespoke outfitting for the interior so that the 995ED is suited to each potential role of search & rescue, surveying, passenger ferry or military operations. Further outfitting is available to ensure the hovercraft is ready to overcome specific users challenges. Additional seats, stretcher hold-downs and equipment tie-down points can all be included.

Either side of the hull are flat inflatable sidebodies to which the hovercraft skirt is attached. This significantly increases the available working area available to the user compared to the 995ED's predecessor and other similar sized hovercraft. These side bodies create a secure platform that is separate from the interior cabin and can be deflated for transportation by road.

The engines are located at the bow and stern of the craft either side of the cabin displacing the weight across the whole of the craft for a well-balanced pitch for safe, controlled manoeuvrability. In the event one power module becomes inactive, the craft can continue to be operated (with reduced performance) with the remaining powerpack to return the users to safety.

Marine grade aluminium is used and designed to comply with ISO 12215-5:2008. This provides the strength and durability to meet the situational demands the user may face in harsh operating conditions. One of the first in its kind to be used in the maritime industry, an adhesive bonding manufacturing process is used. This does not require welding and therefore no superstructure strength is lost through heat distortion. With this, hull manufacture is kept to within an accuracy of 1mm. The aluminium bonding also significantly reduces the weight by 25% therefore improving the power to weight ratio and available payload.

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