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The Cougar Enforcer is a modern, ultra fast craft series featuring a deep V, mono-hull specifically  designed specifically for roles in fast patrol and interceptor duties reaching speeds up to 70 knots.

  • Proven Design & Longevity
  • Aluminium or GRP Construction
  • Ultra Fast Speed in High Sea States
  • Unparalleled High Speed Manoeuvrability

In developing the Enforcer range, Griffon Hoverwork and Cougar Powerboats sought to utilise the technology used in Cougar’s high-performance racing craft, that has dominated the world’s circuits for decades, and develop a world leading commercial patrol variant.


Griffon and Cougar’s combined maritime experience of over 100 years has been harnessed to create a range that excels in high speeds despite extreme environmental conditions for year-round effective capability and reliability.

The Enforcer Range
Enforcer 35

Length (m)                                        -     10.7
Beam (m)                                           -     2.65
Draft at Full Payload (m)             -     0.76
Crew                                                    -      4 

Enforcer 40

Length (m)                                        -     12.19
Beam (m)                                           -     2.74
Draft at Full Payload (m)             -     0.76
Crew                                                    -      4 

Enforcer Fast Boat accelerating
Enforcer 46

Length (m)                                        -     15.2
Beam (m)                                           -     2.82
Draft at Full Payload (m)             -     0.76
Crew                                                    -      4 

Enforcer 50

Length (m)                                        -     16
Beam (m)                                           -     2.9
Draft at Full Payload (m)             -     0.9
Crew                                                    -      4 

  • Hull
  • Construction Material
  • Propulsion

The Enforcer cuts through the water using a deep V-shaped monohull to balance exceptional sea keeping with precise manoeuvrability.

High Speed Enforcer

To be flexible to user requirements, the Enforcer range can be constructed from either aluminium or GRP composite.

Welding Marine Grade Aluminium

Depending on the Enforcer variant propulsion is supplied by either propellers or water jet.

The proven hull has been developed from over three decades of experience and features outstanding sea keeping capability combined with low resistance figures, giving maximum performance in extreme weather conditions whilst offering the crew a high level of shock mitigation and ride comfort.


The Cougar Enforcer has been specially designed and specified for commercial duties to provide a rugged, reliable and cost-effective craft. Cougar boats have been supplied to a number of government departments and are specially designed to carry out the following operational duties:


• Surveillance at low, medium and high speeds in coastal waters
• Search and rescue operations
• Prevention or repression of illegal activities
• Patrolling of shallow waters in estuaries and coastal waters
• Fast interception of suspect craft
• Working in a defence role in emergency situations

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