Rescue and Humanitarian Aid Applications

Playing a vital role in rescue response

Rescue services and aid agencies around the world recognise our hovercraft as a key tool to any search and rescue operation in areas where conventional rescue boats and vehicles cannot reach. There are many tidal areas where boats go around or areas where people become marooned by floods or where people fall through ice.  With a Griffon hovercraft these areas are now safely and easily accessible - saving lives. The RNLI (The British Rescue Service) are currently using seven Griffon rescue hovercraft throughout the UK.

  • Search & Rescue (SAR)

    Around in-shore, shallow and tidal areas, or on mud-flats, sand-banks or frozen seas and lakes, it is virtually impossible for conventional boats to provide a comprehensive search and rescue service. Yet these terrains are ideal hovercraft territory. Many SAR operators, including Coastguards from Canada to Kuwait, have found the Griffon range to be a vital asset to their operations by performing a variety of roles. Their ability to perform rescues on tidal mud plains is unique.

    RNLI (The British Rescue Service) have seven hovercraft
  • Mobile Medical Clinics

    In order to get a medical clinic and supplies to some of the remotest and inaccessible corners of the globe, the hovercraft can be the only solution. Our hovercraft offer clean, secure and spacious cabins which can be kitted out with the latest medical equipment to suit your requirements, forming an ideal mobile medical clinic.

    Our hovercraft can be configured as Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Airport Crash Rescue

    When airports are surrounded by difficult terrain, Griffon hovercraft are often the only craft capable of providing rescue services in these areas. Equipped with full fire fighting and life saving equipment, these unique amphibious high speed craft will deal with almost any emergency scenario.  Airports currently operating Griffon rescue hovercraft include Auckland International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Rio de Janero International Airport, Dundee Airport (UK), Shannon Airport (Eire) and Liverpool airport (UK)

    Our hovercraft provide support for Airport Crash Rescue Services
  • Ice Rescue

    Griffon Hoverwork has provided bespoke hovercraft to operate in sub zero temperatures for many clients  worldwide, including the Swedish Coast Guard, Estonia Border Guard, Canadian Coastguard, Crowley Alaska, Finnish Frontier Guard, and the British Royal Marines. All these clients use their craft for many differing roles, but there is one function they all have in common, ice rescue.

    Griffon hovercraft offer an ideal solution for ice rescue, at the same time as limiting the risk to the rescuer. Ice rescue is difficult with normal vehicles, however hovercraft can travel at speed over ice and snow, thus providing the quickest method to rescue a victim of the ice, as well as immobilised vessels.

    Our hovercraft operate over snow and ice
  • Medical Evacuation & Humanitarian Aid

    Griffon hovercraft have the ability to reach areas where, for conventional vessels and vehicles, a rescue would be extremely dangerous for emergency personnel.

    Configured to the customer's requirements, Griffon hovercraft will both prepare the theatre and take part in an amphibious assault, through reconnaissance, the insertion and support of special forces'.

    Hovercraft used in Singapore for Medical Evacuation & Humanitarian Aid

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