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At Griffon Hoverwork we have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of complex flexible structures, for all industries. This allows us to offer a design and consultancy service to businesses looking for flexible engineering solutions. The aim of our dedicated team of experts is to provide first class products for our customers, whilst retaining the specialist design and consultancy services that have been the key to our success.

Flexible Products

Griffon Hoverwork offer a range of flexible tanks for marine, mobile or domestic use, as well as:

Buoyancy Bags, Fenders and Inflatables: Griffon Hoverwork manufacture inflatable's for many differing applications.


Diesel Fuel and Effluent Tanks: Specially lined flexible pillow tanks designed to be very tough and completely odour proof for the storage of diesel fuel or effluent.


Water Protection System: The maintenance free system kills bugs and stops floral growth in your drinking water without the addition of chemicals.


Water Tanks: Water tanks are available in flexible fabrics to fit in narrow boats and other metal hulled craft.


Minimum Order Count 10

Industrial Flexible Products

Griffon Hoverwork produce a range of flexible products for the industrial sector, including sleeves, connectors and diaphragms constructed from reinforced and unreinforced elastomers, including:


Flexible Sleeves and Connectors: Flexible connections in many different types of material giving a variety of flexibility, strength and environmental resistances.


Inflatable bags, Plugs and Structures: These may be used for all types of sealing, gas storage, and structural purposes.


Flexible Assemblies & Bellows: Griffon Hoverwork can design and manufacture many different types of flexible assembly from a variety of materials using a variety of bonding techniques including welding, stitching and adhesive bonding.

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