Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023

In a new and exclusive article we interview Sean Shin, Sales Manager for DK M-Tech operating in South Korea. The Korean market is an important one for Griffon Hoverwork, and Sean explains why the Korean geography is suited to hovercraft operations over conventional boat. 

Please could you introduce yourself?

"My name is Sean Shin (신동한) and I am the sales manager at DK M-Tech, an exclusive agent in Korea focusing on technical sales and overall business."

How long have you been working with Griffon Hoverwork?

"I have been working for 6 years since 2015."

Which hovercraft products have you helped to enter the Korean market?

"There were 8 hovercrafts already introduced by the Korean Coast Guard. 1 BHT, 3 8000TD, 4 450TD are operation. DK was carried out from BHT recovery repair to pilot training."

What is your proudest moment working with Griffon?

"The BHT was severely damaged, and after a year of repairs, I was most pleased when I finished successfully by recording 57 knots with 90 tons in weight during a sea trial operation. After completing the pilot training, I had a proud experience watching the KCG BHT team with better teamwork."

How could hovercraft help in a medical environment for COVID patient transfer?

"COVID patients require rapid isolation and transfer. Hovercrafts are playing an important role as a fast and highly-utilized assets of transportation in difficult-to-access environments, just as COVID-type ambulances are currently coming out through ambulance modifications on land."

What do you see for the future in APAC and with hovercraft in general?

"As one of the changes in the global environment, the scale of disasters including tsunamis is increasing with the continuous rise of sea level. Still, along with the aviation forces, the role of hovercrafts as a rescue assets are very Irreplaceable equipment. In the west coast of Korea, the tidal difference is too big(7~9m), so it is effective in the occurrence of drowning people who are isolated from the high tide."

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