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Griffon Hoverwork's Planned Maintenance System

Alongside the standard maintenance & service schedule that is supplied with each Hovercraft, GHL has also developed a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) which is designed to be used in conjunction with the manuals. The PMS is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that uses forms on the front end to simplify the recording and prompting of maintenance.  Colour-coded indicators identify maintenance tasks that do not currently require attention (green), are imminent (amber) or are overdue (red). The system also groups tasks by User Role (Crew, Maintainer, Service Engineer) and provides a visual summary of maintenance status by functional area (Hull, Machinery systems etc.). The below screenshot shows the main page of the PMS.

Main Menu PMS

Each maintenance task has an associated Job Instruction Card (JIC) which details the parts required to do the task, any OEM manuals which are to be used as reference and a methodology on how to carry out the work. An example JIC is shown below.


The Advantages of PMS

The advantage of the PMS over the traditional service schedule is it digitally tracks the total hours on the craft and flags up, in advance, when various maintenance tasks are due. The flagging of the maintenance task allows the engineers to plan which parts they require to undertake the task and ensure they have them in stock ready. This, therefore, means maintenance tasks can take place on time without the delay of having to wait for parts allowing the craft to continue to operate smoothly.

A PMS is completely flexible and can be developed around each individual customers needs. Please contact support and services if you would like to receive any further information: