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The Importance of Good Fuel Management & Biodiesel

Fuel management is crucial in keeping the hovercraft fuel system, tanks and engines free from contaminants. Good fuel husbandry will help prevent premature failure of critical components and ensure the smooth running of the hovercraft. As in all GHL manuals, BS EN 590 diesel fuel MUST always be used to fuel the craft, under the BS EN 590 standard it allows the blending of up to 7% Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) biodiesel with conventional petrochemical diesel. When biodiesel is used in the craft, biocide additive should also be used to ensure Diesel Bug does not occur. The use of this additive will help prevent bacteria, fungi and organic reaction as well as inhibit against sludge formation in the tanks. Once biodiesel has been used, biocide should subsequently be used each time the craft is filled up with, even if this is with petrochemical diesel.

An example of components where Diesel Bug has occurred.


Treating Diesel Bug

1 litre of Biocide will treat up to 20,000 litres (50ppm) of diesel in a preventative mode or 1000 litres (1000ppm) if severe Diesel Bug is already present. Biocide can be purchased from GHL in 1 litre bottles under part number FLUI-0027. If severe diesel bug has already set in onboard your craft please contact our support and services team on how we may assist you further on eradicating the problem –


EN-590 Spec Table.

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