Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023

Griffon Hoverwork's training team led by Captain Lynn White has recently completed the delivery of Type Rating training on large hovercraft to the Korean Coast Guard.


Taking place during September and October this year, Griffon's operations and engineering staff supported the training for the two pilots; Captain Park and Mr. Hong, the Co-pilot. The Korean Coast Guard operate a varied fleet of hovercraft from the small 470TDs to medium payload 8000TDs and a 20-tonne payload BHT.


The aim of this training was to work with the Korean Coast Guard to build greater competency and knowledge in operating the BHT. At an impressive 92 tonnes at All Up Weight it is one of the largest hovercraft in the world and has a maximum cruise speed of 45 knots.  Operating this craft requires skill, dedication and teamwork. Lynn has over 20 years' experience piloting similarly sized AP188 hovercraft for the Canadian Coast Guard.  This makes Lynn one of the most experienced pilots in the world, the perfect choice to take Captain Park's and Mr. Hong's skills to the next level by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Korean Coast Guard BHT hovercraft Crew Photo

This training was tremendously successful. Both pilots were officially awarded their type rating certificate on the bow of the BHT-150 by the Chief of the Korean Coast Guard at Incheon. Following the successful type rating Lynn remained with the crew on board the hovercraft for a further two weeks. This was in a supervisory role to provide assistance if and when required as the pilots built their operational experience.  


As we approach 2020 the Coast Guard is now in an excellent position to ensure a stronger than ever effectiveness over the shallows of the Yellow Sea.

Korea Hovercraft Training Pilots