Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023

Griffon Hoverwork’s new class of Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) was on display as a detailed 50th scale model at the recent Combined Naval Event (CNE) in Farnborough, UK this week.


Mark Downer, Engineering Director at Griffon Hoverwork, said: “The Wyvern is the biggest, fastest and most efficient LCAC ever designed, offering a rapid, amphibious transport solution for the world’s military forces looking to deploy resources in response to conflict scenarios, natural disasters or humanitarian crises.


We commissioned the model to showcase this ground-breaking design to the full-time serving naval & military personnel, non-commercial government department representatives and UN personnel, humanitarian and relief agencies representing over 50 nations at this event.


The model excited both existing customers and new, interested parties who are keen to learn more about how this new class of LCAC delivers enhanced operational performance from its highly evolved design.”


1000004864 CNE Stand

With market leading specifications including a top speed of 50 knots and a payload of over 52 tonnes, the Wyvern has been designed with robust and rugged components to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh and extreme conditions where erosion has previously impacted reliability.


The all-British design benefits from UK Export Restrictions, with effortless and straightforward access to technical data for streamlined maintenance, whilst giving customers the opportunity to adapt the craft to their own operational and national requirements.


For more details, including full specifications and details of critical components, please visit the Wyvern microsite: