Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
  • Fast, Direct Response
  • Unrestricted by Tidal Activity
  • Safe, Stable Medical Platform
  • Deployable From Road Trailers

Around in-shore, shallow and tidal areas, or on mud-flats, sand-banks or frozen seas and lakes, it is virtually impossible for conventional boats to provide a comprehensive search and rescue service. Yet these terrains are ideal hovercraft territory.


 Many SAR operators, including Coastguards from Canada to Kuwait, have found the Griffon range to be a vital asset to their operations by performing a variety of roles. Their ability to perform rescues on tidal mud plains is unique.

Specialised Lifesaving - The RNLI

A number of RNLI stations operate hovercraft to deal with these treacherous transitional environments to give the crews, many of whom volunteers, everything they need to show why they are some of the most respected lifesavers in the world.

RNLI 470TD Hovercraft Over Beach
Mud Rescue - Fire Service

Two of the UK's regional Fire Services, Avon and Mersey, operate Griffon's 380TD for fast response Search and Rescue. 


These craft are deployable via road trailer providing the users the flexibility to launch the hovercraft from exactly where is needed for each situation. 

Fire SAR Hovercraft Over Mud
Future SAR Capability

The newest, most advanced hovercraft the 995ED has been created by putting how hovercraft are used in real world rescues at the forefront of the development process. Space for stretchers and equipment inside cabin has been made whilst outside there are large side bodies for working comfortably close to the edges of the craft. Mobility, transportability, work space and strength have been combined to create an adaptable, responsive rescue platform already in use by the Malaysian Marine Department. With half a metre of obstacle clearance the 995ED hovercraft will bring operational superiority by circumventing conventional vessel limitations so focus is put back to where it should be, those in need.

995ED Electric Drive Hovercraft