Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
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Over the past two years we have developed a electric and hybrid drive system from extensive knowledge in the maritime sector, experience in proven technology and manufacturing and relationships with key partners.


Our new marine electric propulsion system offer an environmentally friendly solution and operational cost savings. They can be installed in new builds or retrofitted to provide sub-IMO boats with loiter/slow speed capability either using small diesel engines and/or batteries to improve environmental impact, fuel efficiency, layout options and reduce maintenance.


  • Diesel Electric Drives - Battery Ready.
  • 350VDC-60kW basic output, expandable to higher ratings.
    Marine grade system components.
  • System controlled by Griffon proprietary CAN Vehicle Control Units.
  • Perfect for low speed harbour operations and loiter.
  • Battery option provides for silent running.
  • 2 x Lloyds Register and Flag approved passenger craft in service

After extensive testing the system is now fitted to a class approved passenger vessel operating in the UK. The excellent technology-ready system could provide the solution to many hybrid/electric propulsion initiatives for workboats, pilot boats, wind farm support vessels, superyachts and high-speed tenders.


The innovative system is developed from our own vessel control unit and software, resulting in a system capable of generating up to 60kW from either small standalone generators or from the main propulsion unit, which is delivered through a safe, controlled and monitored system to drive electric drive motors. The system can either be used without batteries to provide the advantages of flexible power pack locations and/small loiter drives for use in harbour, or with batteries onto the 350V DC bus.


The generating system can be fitted to a stand-alone small diesel engine or fitted as an ancillary drive from the main engine. The drive system can be fitted as an input drive to hybrid-ready gearboxes, via a belt drive onto the propeller shaft and in-line with the drive shaft for small engines. These options provide excellent flexibility in the system fit and allow it to be retro-fitted to existing vessels or fitted from new with options for parallel and series drive solutions. The system is 'battery-ready' and solutions can be offered to integrate electrical storage into the system.