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Project Engineering Capability

Offering first class skills in marine and electrical engineering, training and support

An end-to-end capability. Delivering and supporting complete or part engineering projects on customer site, in our own workshops or in the most extreme environments globally.

  • Design Engineering (Lightweight structures/ Naval, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Outfit)
  • Production Engineering
  • Project Design / Development
  • Project Management and Project Customer Management
  • Fabrication (Aluminium, Steel, Fibre Reinforced Plastic) / Structural Repair
  • Mechanical Installation / Mechanical Repair
  • Electrical / Electronic Installation / Repair / Modification
  • Outfitting
  • Flexible Structure (Polymer / Rubber) Manufacture / Repair
  • Surface Finishing and blasting
  • Marine / Industrial Manufacturing Operational Testing / Trialling
  • Marine / Industrial Maintenance Operational Testing / Trialling
  • Marine / Industrial Operator Training
  • Marine / Industrial Maintenance Training
  • In-Country Systems Commissioning and trials
  • Global Component Supply Chain
  • In-Country Maintenance Support

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