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Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
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Safety in the workplace is a top priority at Griffon Hoverwork Ltd and we strive to reduce injuries and occupational illness to as near to zero as possible. As a demonstration of our commitment, we hold certification to OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognised occupational health and safety management system, by the external certification body SGS United Kingdom Ltd.


This management system ensures that:


  • We have a systematic approach to managing risk, identifying, assessing and minimising health and safety hazards and risks and associated impact on employees, contractors, visitors and neighbouring businesses;
  • We also identify and assess risks which have the potential to become an incident and encourage our workforce to report "near misses", in order to prevent these situations occurring;
  • Legal requirements relating to health and safety are met or exceeded; covering areas such as legionella, asbestos and ventilation and extraction;
  • We place emphasis on occupational health factors, such as exposure limits, hearing conservation and health surveillance, to ensure our workforce is fit to work and long term health risks are minimised;
  • There is a strong focus on personal safety, including minimising risk when working at height, using machinery and working in confined spaces.

Our Health and Safety Policy defines our specific focus and standards.