Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
  • Fast Direct Response
  • Stable Work Platform
  • Flies Above the Surface
  • Can Carry Specialised Equipment

Hovercraft fly over oil spills and arrive quickly to any location or environment offering amphibious mobility for effective oil spill response.


Unlike conventional craft with propellers that churn up surface oil, the hovercraft’s air cushion minimizes contact with the spill. In heavier spills, the hovercraft’s internal engine cooling system does not rely on drawing in sea water.

Safe Working Platform

A large, stable, safe working platform is offered to which all oil spill response equipment can be fitted or stored.

Equipment Distribution and Deployment

Oil spill response equipment such as booms and skimmers can be easily deployed from the well deck of the craft. Hydraulic lifting equipment be also be fitted.

Amphibious Mobility

Around in-shore, tidal and shallow areas, it is virtually impossible for conventional craft to gain the necessary depth to navigate a path, and so taking longer to reach a spill scene. Hovercraft offer complete amphibious mobility over all terrains with no risk of grounding; in a response situation this gives crews accessibility to all areas at risk of oil pollution, without putting themselves in danger.

Rapid and Flexible Response

Rapid response is key to any oil spill situation. The amphibious engineering of the hovercraft ensures a quick response time to shallow water and tidal areas that are at risk of oil spill. The hovercraft’s high speed and ability to take the shortest distance to a spill scene will ensure improved response times. Hovercraft can launch from any unprepared beach or shoreline unlike conventional craft that are limited to pontoon or deep water ports.