Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
  • Operate in Remote, Low Infrastructure Environments
  • High Payload for Specialised Equipment
  • Stable Medical Platform
  • Unrestricted by Shallow Waters and Debris

In order to get a medical clinic and supplies to some of the remotest and inaccessible corners of the globe, the hovercraft can be the only solution. Our hovercraft offer clean, secure and spacious cabins which can be kitted out with the latest medical equipment to suit your requirements, forming an ideal mobile medical clinic.


A high degree of healthcare, including preventative measures and emergency procedures can be delivered to the most remote communities in the world. Other than helicopters, which are very expensive to procure and maintain, hovercraft are the only mode of transport capable of accessing areas that other vehicles cannot reach, they provide fast, amphibious evacuation and transport vital medical supplies to those in need. Larger Griffon craft can be configured to have a number of consulting rooms, providing a range of primary care services, for example; consultation, vaccinations, clinical treatment, pharmaceutical dispensing and dental treatment.

Supporting Communities - Hoveraid

Hover Aid have utilised hovercraft for international aid, development, mission logistics and support, providing emergency flood relief, and medical facilities to remote developing communities for many years in Madagascar.


The hovercraft allows medical teams to reach isolated communities and provide regular medical clinic services. Volunteers travel via hovercraft to villages along the rivers; around 400 consultations are carried out per week involving dentistry, surgery, ultrasounds and other healthcare checks along with the training of local health care providers.